Start the spring and with it, the good weather and the “bikini operation”, the perfect breeding ground to meet again down the road to those people who never leaves his bottle of water or toilet. You may already know this, but for those who still think that by drinking the liquid element at all times going to get the perfect body, this message is addressed: water not slimming.

Nor fattening, although the drink during meals, because it has zero calories!We need water to live, but with three liters a day is enough. Half a liter and a half, the ingest drinking, while the rest we get through food. For example, a piece of fruit or vegetables may contain up to 90% water and a beef, 60%. I have had enough treatments

The only way to lose weight is to expend more calories than you eat, and that can only be achieved by reducing caloric intake and / or increasing physical activity. “What is certain is that in diets to reduce food intake, reduce water intake, so you have to drink more to compensate, “explains Dr. ABC Garrulity Marta, Professor of Physiology and