Another of the myths is that if you drink water during the meal, fat. As already mentioned, this is impossible because it has no calories, but there is an explanation for this belief. “If you do not drink water while eating, the body you will catch digestion body water, but diets cannot rely on this water loss.

As babies recovered. Nothing is a healthy physiological trick “, warns Dr. Garrulity.Another explanation of this hoax is that when the separated water is taken meals’ stomach emptying is delayed and may promote satiety, but not proven to contribute to weight loss, “adds Dr. Irene Breton endocrinologist at the Hospital Gregorio Maranon and member of the board of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition .Fat is not urineSome bottled water advertising campaign also suggested at the time that it drags the body fat, but also has no base. informative article

“For never grease urine excreted much water you drink lots of pineapple or you take”, says the doctor Garrulity. And these statements apply to both tap water to bottled water, whether or not mineral. Choosing which baby depends more a matter of taste or needs. In Spain, the tap water is potable and “has a complete nutritional composition. Besides minerals and calcium not only get water, food also, “explains Dr. Breton. What is certain is that in some regions has too much calcium and not like the taste or not sit well with everyone, and in these circumstances, the bottled water is an alternative. “In these cases, consumers should demand that your city a more tap water quality is guaranteed because there are treatments that do not know anything,” says ABC Ruben Sanchez, spokesman Facula.In short, drink water to hydrate manternerse but neither aguachine and ruined. No miracles.